Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation

Our actions on behalf of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation are guided by the writings of Father John Baptiste Debrabant, our Holy Union Constitutions and the call of our Collegial Assembly.


“We are missioned to be a prophetic presence in our world today, reverencing the dignity, diversity and vulnerability of all.”

Collegial Assembly 2017

Our founder, Father John Baptiste Debrabant, encouraged the first sisters to be mindful of the poor as they began their work and mission “to be at the heart of world revealing God’s love.”
The Constitutions of the Holy Union Sisters call the sisters “…to become aware of the dignity of every person and of our call to solidarity with all, especially the poor and oppressed. This awareness impels us to promote a sense of justice and community in our world.” Art. 29 

We are mindful that the poor were a real concern to Fr. Debrabant and that the Church calls us in our time to respond to their cries. Through all our apostolates we work to bring about an awareness of the problems of the oppressed and a response which truly liberates them and transforms unjust structures. Art. 56