Access to Clean Water

In May 2020 the General Council implemented a mandate from our 2017 Collegial Assembly “to live the urgent call of Laudato Si’,” which initiated a corporate response to address the 6th Goal of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Access to Clean Water.

Sisters from all areas of the Congregation were invited to form an international committee and through the committee to engage all members in this initiative. The goal was a corporate action that would include            
         Advocacy - education – networking – providing water – conserving water 
We began to seek ways to provide clean water to those in need such as migrants arriving on the island of Lampedusa through the Italian Red Cross and collaboration with Water with Blessings in Haiti. In Africa and Haiti sisters prioritised educational programs in our schools and health centres regarding the need to conserve water as well as the importance of proper hygiene. 
Recognising that pollution from industrial expansion in Dundani, Tanzania was threatening clean water supplies and the health of the local people, sisters engaged in lobbying the authorities as a matter of urgent necessity. Sisters also engaged in advocacy in England, Ireland, and the United States by lobbying corporations that pollute water, and for local and national governments to set standards to safeguard water. 
Then came the request for projects. Harvesting and protecting rainwater which would involve the provision of water tanks was a project of common interest in both Cameroon and Tanzania. The committee drafted guidelines for such projects; the benefits of any project would extend to the local villagers and the request would be submitted with a detailed cost estimate and a form detailing oversight and accountability.


“We see the reality around the world.                 
                   We judge what we are able to do together.                                    
We act with generosity.”                     

(Letter of the General Council May 2020)